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The first condition of planting industry is to have healthy and good soil before planting.
The raw materials of PPP COMPOST ORGANIC FERTILIZER come from oil palm and plant wastes, which are fermented with Effective Micro and trace elements after high-tech processing. Rich in nutrients, microorganisms, trace elements, humic acid and organic matter needed by plants, it is one of the best raw materials for soil restoration and soil cultivation.
PPP Compost Organic Fertilizer is very suitable as a base fertilizer or top fertilizer

PPP Compost Organic Fertilizer can effectively improve the soil structure of the oil palm tree or Fruit tree, reduce soil compaction, enable the oil palm or fruit tree to grow healthily, reduce disease, and increase yield.


The Benefits of PPP Compost Organic Fertilizer
1) Improve the quality and yield of agricultural products.
2) Improve soil structure and increase microbial activity.
3) Reduce soil compaction
4) Increase the water retention capacity of the soil.
5) Promote the proliferation of good bacteria and restore healthy soil.
6) Improve the pH and increase the exchange capacity of soil cations.
7) Improve plant resistance to pests and diseases.
8) Non-toxic, non-polluting, odorless, organic.
9) Economical and affordable.
10) Packing in 25 kg, easy to carry.

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