Eco Friendly Vinegar
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Eco Friendly Vinegar
  • Repel plant pests safely and effectively.
  • Promote the healthy and natural growth of crops.
  • Improve soil quality.
  • Safe and effective removal of odour.
  • Health drinks for Poultry and livestock.
High-grade Eco wood vinegar is a natural plant material obtained by biochemical high-tech extraction. The main components of this product are acetic acid, phenols, and water, of which acetic acid, an organic component, accounts for more than 10%. This product has strong bactericidal and antibacterial functions at high concentrations,
it can inhibit the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria at low concentrations, and has anti-bacterial and anti-insect effects. High-grade Eco wood vinegar can neutralize nitrogen and sulfur compounds and be used as a deodorant, this product contains many phenolic substances, which can sterilize and disinfect, avoid pests, and be used as a disinfectant and insect repellent.

Eco wood vinegar has many uses:
1. Soil improvement
spraying this product in the soil can prevent seed wilt, and can also be used as a soil disinfectant. The application of this product in the soil can effectively inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms that hinder plant growth, and can kill root nodule nematodes and other pests

2. Deodorization
This product can be used to deodorize the
odor that is emitted when fresh items such as toilet waste disposal, livestock houses and fish markets are corrupted. Spraying this product liquid in the bathroom and other places with bad smells can eliminate the smell and keep the air fresh. One spray can last for 3-5 days. It can also be used as a perfume to eliminate body sweat and other odors, and make people feel cool.

3. Plant growth regulator
This product can promote the growth of vegetables, fruit trees, flowers,
padi, lawns and other plants. In addition, this product can also be used to make fertilizers, inhibit the growth of weeds, reduce the amount of pesticides, and insect repellents.

4. Food preservation
This product can be used for anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation properties in the food industry

5. Feed additives
This product can be used as a feed additive to improve the meat quality of livestock and farmed fish, improve the quality of fish, eggs, etc., and improve nutrition

6Other effects;   
- Improve the vitality of crop roots and leaves, slow down aging, and
    reduce fruit acidity, Extend fruit storage time and improve flavour..  
-Prevent some diseases and insect pests on the soil and leaves, and promote the beneficial microorganisms in the soil reproduction
-Speed up the fermentation speed of composting.
7. As a pesticide synergist
The mixed use of this product and pesticides can effectively improve the effectiveness of pesticides. Multi-material itself has the effect of preventing and controlling pests and diseases, and it is organic with pesticide ingredients. Coordination and synergy can greatly improve the effect of pesticides. on the other hand, this product can dissolve the medicinal ingredients of pesticides, alcohols and aldehydes in wood vinegar, the molecules of substances such as ketones and ketones are smaller than water molecules and can penetrate into crops of the leaves, roots and other tissues, so as to better exert the efficacy and reduce pesticides usage amount. (Note: This product cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides)

8. Used as a fertilizer synergist 

The mixed use of this product and fertilizer can improve fertility and extend fertilizer efficiency.   This product has the effect of fixing the nitrogen dissolve in ammonia, and it penetrates the soil well. Prevent the effective ingredients of the fertilizer from volatilizing.   By promoting root growth and assisting aerial roots to fix nitrogen,   Make crops absorb nutrients in the soil smoothly, thereby accelerating crop growth.

High-grade wood vinegar is an effective method of repelling insects:
This product can be added to the special plastic irrigation, the range of hanging crops in the county, can effectively achieve the effect of insect repellent and insect control.

Identification criteria of wood vinegar:
  1. Brown to dark brown and transparent liquid without sediment.
  2. ph2.2-3.0.
  3. Baume's specific gravity is 1.5-3.0.
  4. Resin tar is less than 1%.

The use of high-grade wood vinegar in agriculture:
1. Apply to the soil:
1.1 Control of nematodes and bacterial wilt: Use 30 times the water on the open space, and use the water 50 times for the hole on the inner edge of the canopy.
1.2 Irrigate the soil during the sowing period: Use 200 times the water to fill to a depth of 50cm.
1.3 Use after being absorbed by charcoal chips: Use 50 times the water to fully absorb the charcoal chips and apply to the soil.  
1.4 Use after adding compost or organic fertilizer: Use 100 times the water spray on top of compost.

-1: 100-500 (water)   Pest repellent, Improves quality,
   Deodorizes farm waste.
-1: 2000 (water)   Animal feed additive.

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