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The native energy biological beneficial bacteria liquid soil conditioner with better adaptability and stronger survivability.
It is composed of a variety of beneficial bacteria and is cultivated through unique advanced fermentation technology. It has the ability to decompose organic matter, deodorize, disease resistance, sterilization, antibacterial, and improve the immunity and resistance of animals and plants. Will not cause harm to animals and plants and is good for healthy growth. It can directly promote plant growth and decompose residual pesticides. Restore the soil to an antioxidant state, and give full play to the amazing growth ability of crops in a benign state.

  1. It can decompose organic matter from large molecules to small molecules, making it easier for crops to absorb.
  2. It can decompose the residues of pesticides and fertilizers in the soil, and restore the soil to its antioxidant state.
  3. It can deodorize, resist disease, sterilize and inhibit bacteria.
  4. Resistance and immunity to various diseases.
  5. It will not cause harm to animals and plants and is conducive to healthy growth.
  6. Improve soil properties, improve soil fertilization ability, and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides year by year.
  7. Enhance plant metabolism, improve photosynthesis, promote seed germination, developed root system, early flowering, and more yield.
  8. A good helper for compost making, apply it to the soil as base fertilizer or general fertilization to ensure the healthy growth of crops.
  9. Low investment and high return to ensure the prosperity and sustainable development of agriculture.
 How to used Pro-EmXtra

1. Agriculture: base fertilizer / General fertilization 1: 100-300 (water)
                           Foliar spraying 1:100 (water)
2. Livestock: Deodorization 1:50-100 (water)

Fruit trees (long-term crops):
  • When raising seedlings, first soak the seeds with 1:200 times Pro-EmXtra original dew dilution for 2-4 hours before sown into the seedling field, which can increase the germination rate.
  • When transplanting seedlings, each new cave is 3 m cubic, and 25kg of bacterial fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer, and then spray the soil with a 1:200 times Pro-EmXtra dilution.
  • During the growth period (depending on the growth of the crop), spray 1:100 once every 2 months. The more times, the better the effect.
  • Spray 1:100 dilution of Pro-EmXtra once at the budding stage and at the end of flowering stage to increase the fruit setting rate (note: spraying is not suitable during the flowering stage).
  • During the stable fruit period and fruit growing period, spraying 1:100 Pro-EmXtra diluent every 2 weeks (depending on the growth situation, can increase the number of spraying appropriately), which is conducive to improving the yield and quality.

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