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TE-TOP Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer
Te-TOP is a Great agricultural supplement, it has comprehensive nutrition and is rich in healthy nutrients needed for the whole process of crop growth.

Fully water soluble, Full nutrient, No waste

Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, organic matter and a variety of medium and trace elements, etc. Concentrated paste high-efficiency liquid fertilizer

Advantages of Te-TOP:

  1. Rich in nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, organic matter and A variety of trace elements.
  2. Protect plant health and natural growth.
  3. Improve poor and acidified soil.
  4. Promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  5. Enhance crop resistance to pests and diseases.
  6. Promote flowering and fruiting, and preserve flowers and fruits.
  7. Increase the yield and quality of crops.
  8. Does not contain heavy metals.
  9. Inexpensive and good quality, excellent value for money.

 How to use Te-TOP: 
- Short-term crops – Dilution 1:200
  Spray soil or foliage.

-Long-term crops(Especially oil palm and Durian) - 
    Dilution 1:100
    Spray soil or foliage.
For Oil palm and Durian :15kg/ecre, 4 times/year

N          + 5
K2O     + 20
S          + 8.5%
OM       + 59 
PH        + 8.5
Various trace elements
Amino compound                             


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